Susukino Festival, Courtesan parade (August 2nd, 2018)

One day trip to Syakotan, Yoichi, and Akaigawa-mura. We went there with HahooLee (Seoul National University). It was very fun recreation. (June 23rd, 2018)

2018-06-23 13.52.56_1

The first International Joint Symposium of CEFMS-NCTU, RCAS-AS (Taiwan) and 5-Star Alliance (Japan), National Chiao Tung University, Taiwan, 18th-20th May, 2018

Yu-Qiao Zhang and Ohta attended.


Banquet (2018.5.19)


Yu-Miin’s Laboratory (2018.5.19)

PNU2018may1 PNU2018may2

Takaki Onozato (D2) stayed at Pusan National University (2018.4.28-5.12). He enjoyed collaborative research with Prof. Hyoungjeen Jeen’s students. Thank you for hosting him, Professor Hyoungjeen Jeen.


Prof. Ohta and Takaki Onozato visited Pusan National University as the kickoff meeting of Bilateral Joint Research Projects (JSPS) with Korea (NRF). [2018.4.28-5.1] Takaki Onozato stayed Prof. Hyoungjeen Jeen’s lab at Physics Department, Pusan National University for two weeks (Experiment).

2018-04-08 weekend

Weekend party with Jason Tam (Ph.D. candidate, University of Toronto) and Professor Hai Jun Cho. [2018.4.6]


Mr. Jianbing Zhang (Student at Prof. Pu Yu’ lab, Tsinghua University) visited our lab. [2018.3.4-18].


Dr. Sanchela won 47th Matsumoto-Hatori Award, Research Institute for Electronic Science, Hokkaido University (9th Feb. 2018) (From right to left: Prof. Sasaki, Dr. Pin, Director Prof. Nakagaki, Dr. Sanchela, Ohta)

Welcome at Sankai 1

Ms. Eunyoung Ahn and Ms. Gowoon Kim (Student at Prof. HyoungJeen Jeen’ lab, Pusan National University) visited our lab. [2018.1.14-29].



H. Ohta, A. Sanchela, “Thermopower of oxide heterostructure”, ICAMD2017 (The 11th International Conference on Advanced Materials and Devices), Jeju, Korea, 5-8 December, 2017 (Invited)

Oxide heterostructures and electronics

From left to right: Dr. Gervasi Herranz (ICMAB-CSIS, Spain), Prof. Gustau Catalan (ICN2, Spain), Dr. Akihito Sawa (AIST, Japan), Ohta, Dr. Hans Boshker (MPI Stuttgart, Germany)


Prof. Ohta attended 2017 KPS Fall Meeting (Gyeongju, 25th-27th Oct. 2017). Profs. Chul-Hong Park and Hyoungjeen Jeen (Pusan National University) invited him as an invited speaker.

Hiromichi Ohta and Yu-Qiao Zhang, “Double enhancement of thermoelectric power factor in oxide two-dimensional electron system via precise dimensionality control”, 2017 Fall Korean Physical Society (KPS) Meeting, Gyeongju, Korea, 25-27 October, 2017 (Invited)

1 farewell party 1 Museum 9

Visiting research scholar [2017.9.10-9.23]

Ms. Gowoon Kim (Master course student at Prof. HyoungJeen Jeen’ lab, Pusan National University), Mr. Joonhyuk Lee (Ph.D candidate at Prof. HyoungJeen Jeen’ lab, Pusan National University) and Dr. Soogil Lee (Researcher at Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology) visited our lab. They will stay in our lab for two weeks

photo_Roma 1 photo_Roma 2

3rd Functional Oxide Thin Films for Advanced Energy and Information Technology Conference, 05 JUl 2017 – 08 Jul 2017, Rome, Italy

Prof. Yu-Miin Sheu Lab 2017.06.18

Business trip to Taiwan (18th June, 2017)

We visited Prof. Yu-Miin Sheu’s lab at National Chiao Tung University, Taiwan, and learned the way to measure thermal conductivity of our thin-films by TDTR method.


2016-10-28 18.52.47


Farewell party of Mr. Sungmin Woo

Mr. Sungmin Woo (16-29, Oct. from SKKU, Korea, Supervisor: Prof. Woo Seok Choi) and Dr. Wunsung Kim (23 Oct.-5 Nov. from SKKU, Korea, Supervisor: Prof. SungWng Kim) visited our lab as a visiting researcher. They measured temperature dependence of thermopower of their thin film samples.

farewell ceremony

Farewell ceremony of the Secretary, Ms. Yoshida. (30 September, 2016)


2016 member (13 May, 2016)

Photo 2016.4.1Prof. Norbert Koch (Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin, Germany) and Prof. Steffen Duhm (Soochow University, China) visited us (2016.4.1).

FY2015 Farewell party (2016.3.25)Farewell party for Mr. Kenji ENDO and Dr. Shota KATAYAMA (2016.3.24)


Welcome & Farewell Party for Hokkaido University International Students (2016.2.16)



2015 member (8 April, 2015)



We organized The 1st Korea-Japan Bilateral Workshop on Functional Materials Science -Thermoelectrics, Spintronics, Low-dimensional Materials, and Soft Matter- in RIES, Hokkaido University on 1st August, 2014.

Workshop date: 1st August, 2014
Workshop venue: RIES, Hokkaido University, N20W10, Kita, Sapporo 001-0020, Japan
Language: English




Farewell party of Ms. Shino Watanabe, Professor’s secretary. Thank you very much for everything! (28 Mar. 2014)


Snowboading at KIRORO snow world.(12 Feb. 2014)

sotsuronirokai3Thank you party of our undergraduate students, Mr. Kenji Endo and Mr. Yusuke Kobayashi.(10 Feb. 2014)

bonenkai2013Farewell party of our postdoc researcher, Dr. Ning Li & “BONENKAI 2013”, which is a party where we say farewell to the past year.(20 Dec. 2013)


We did fly fishing as the lab recreation. We went to Kiroro to see the autumn foliage as well. (6 October, 2013)


Sea urchin bowl tour [Kamui Cape] (30 June, 2013)


RIES festival (8 June, 2013)


2013 member (8 April, 2013)


room207 room209

An emergency maintenance of our excimer laser, COMPex 120, has been finished at the end of last year. After that we have started thin film growth. Growth condition of super ITO, ZnO and SrTiO3 has been optimized. (January, 2012)