FY2018 Optical Properties of Semiconductors and Related Topics(A12) (Electronics for Informatics, Graduate School of Information Science and Technology)


Atomic scale understanding of quantized electronic system is the heart of optical properties of semiconductors. In this course, optoelectronic properties of semiconductors are illustrated using usage examples of semiconductor quantum structures, semiconductor electronic devices and photonic devices.

Instructor Prof. Hiromichi Ohta(hiromichi.ohta@es.hokudai.ac.jp)
Prof. Michihiko Yamanouchi(m-yama@es.hokudai.ac.jp)
Grading System Evaluation will be carried out by the use of your attendance and home works
Course Schedule Wednesday 08:45 - 10:15 (Ohta) A12
Friday 08:45 - 10:15 (Yamanouchi) A12


No. 月日 内容 資料
1st June 6 (Wed) Introduction (Ohta) pdf
2nd June 8 (Fri) 磁気モーメント、強磁性、常磁性(山ノ内) pdf
3rd June 13 (Wed) Semiconductors and quantum structures 1 (Ohta) pdf
4th June 15 (Fri) 磁気異方性、磁区、磁壁(山ノ内) pdf
5th June 20 (Wed) Semiconductors and quantum structures 2 (Ohta) pdf
6th June 22 (Fri) LLG方程式、磁化反転、磁壁移動(山ノ内) pdf
7th June 27 (Wed) Electronic devices 1 (Ohta) pdf
8th July 6 (Fri) 磁性体の応用(山ノ内) pdf
9th July 18 (Wed) Electronic devices 2 (Ohta) pdf
IMPORTANT Homework (deadline: August 1st) pdf
10th July 13 (Fri) 巨大磁気抵抗効果、トンネル磁気抵抗効果(山ノ内) pdf
11th July 20 (Fri) スピン流、スピン注入磁化反転(山ノ内) pdf
12th July 25 (Wed) Optoelectronic devices (Ohta) pdf
13th July 27 (Fri) 電流誘起磁壁移動、スピンホール効果(山ノ内) pdf